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bolstering the progressive movement through 
data-driven strategy, winning narratives,
and coalition building



As Ayanna Pressley has said “The people closest to the pain, should be the closest to the power.” Every campaign needs a strong coalition that is working in harmony, leveraging the strengths of its individual parts, to create a stronger whole. Coalition dynamics can be tricky, but creating robust, transformational partnerships is crucial to both winning and building our long-term power. JGI can help you landscape, build, and manage coalitions to work together and win together.



Our work must be thoughtful, with smart strategies that drive us to achieve our goals, leveraging tactics that have measurable metrics that allow us to track progress, iterate, and improve. Our strategies must innovate, build buy-in, and be ambitious. JGI can help you build thoughtful campaign strategy, develop and innovate new programs, and manage projects for success.



In our quest for social justice, we are selling our values and ideas to move the hearts and minds of people. Without values-based messaging that tells the story of what we stand for and how we are coming together to overcome the opposition, our campaigns are just bland, policy proposals. JGI brings together a deep understanding of neuroscience with exceptional research skills and can help you think through, design, and conduct high-caliber public opinion research in order to develop campaign messaging.



JG Insights LLC is a progressive movement consulting firm led by Dr. Jiggy Geronimo, a South Asian former neuroscientist turned social justice advocate. JGI works with progressive partners, with a focus on state-based movement organizations, to innovate exceptional public opinion research and inspiring messaging, build and foster transformational coalitions, and develop winning strategies in order to realize the promise of a democracy that reflects and works for the people, not just the wealthy few.

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