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research + messaging

JGI works with clients to design and manage innovative research projects in order to inform the development of winning messaging strategies. We serve as that often-missing bridge between on-the-ground movement practitioners and data-centered pollsters. We approach research from a perspective rooted in neuroscience, understanding that feelings and emotions are the key drivers of human behavior, and look beyond standard survey methodologies to design ways of measuring successful messages that translate into real-world outcomes. We can work with you through the entire research process, from the conception of the project and development of research questions through the process of identifying a research vendor and designing the research instrument to analyzing results, generating conclusions, and developing actionable intel.  JGI messaging is fundamentally values-based and rooted in lessons and best practices learned from the Race Class Narrative approach.

state advocacy

JGI believes that the real magic in politics happens on the ground in states. While Congress spins its wheels with inaction, state legislators are passing laws that affect how we live our day-to-day lives, from the roads we drive on to the jobs and care we have access to. State legislators are different creatures than Members of Congress and every state legislature operates very differently. Each state is a unique snowflake with its own processes and personalities. Having worked in a dozen different states across the country, JGI can help state organizations and coalitions strategize, develop, and execute state campaigns that marry inside and outside strategies by assisting with power mapping and targeting, coalition work, digital and communications plans, narrative development, and organizing strategies.

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strategy +program development

JGI knows that progressive leaders are full of brilliant ideas and often, unfortunately, short on the capacity to develop and implement them. We can help you landscape complex problems, engage key stakeholders, and incubate and develop new programs by working with you to identify new opportunities for impact.

project management

JGI believes that goal setting and tracking progress is key to a program’s success. We can work with you to operationalize and implement projects by helping you set SMARTIE goals, develop strategic approaches that leverage your strengths, and define ambitious metrics and deliverables. And we can help you manage a project through delegation, deadlines, and progress tracking.


coalition building

JGI knows that the movement is most successful in achieving our vision of social justice when we come together in community. Coalitions are messy, beautiful, living, breathing things, and the best-functioning coalitions are able to accomplish things that no organization could achieve on its own. JGI can help you build or manage a coalition and figure out how to leverage the collective strengths of various partners.

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